Sales post

Hello friends! It's time I finally make my first sales post in the community! I'm very excited and hope I can sell something that interests you. Unfortunately, I don't have too many figures or anything, but I have an abundance of cards and TCG accessies. Aside from that, I'm still going through things, so more may be added later!

First, my policies and such:
My sales policies:
-Sales permission granted by areica96 on May 26th, 2016.
-All community rules apply
-First come, first served
-My paypal contact is kate_mellinger (@) yahoo (dot) com
-All prices are in USD
-Shipping is from Ohio
-Prices do not include fees and shipping
-I will not sell to banned and/or non members
-Comment what you want and how much the price for the item is
-I ship to the US primarily, but I can ship outside as well. However, shipping may be higher, so please allow me to get a proper quote for you, or you can use a middle man.
-When paying, leave your LJ username and what you bought in the paypal note
-I accept trades!
-If someone backs out of a purchase the next person to ask will get the item
-My community feedback:

On that note, here's what I have!


DX Banpresto Mew Plush - $45
Japanese Pokemon Center Awake Mew Kuttari Plush (I have the tag dettached, I can send it with the plush) - $15

2006 Eevee Canvas - $50
I LOVE EEVEE Large Banpresto Plush MWT - $25

I'm not sure if it's supposed to look like this or not, but it looks like the 2006 Eevee Canvas has a loose string or something? I can't tell.

(No batteries) Talking figure - $8
Large Vinyl Tomy Figure - $10
Eeveelution Kids - $4 each (also listed lower in my sales post)
Espeon Jakks Figure - $20
Tomy Talking Eevee and AG Eevee Plush.jpg
Tomy talking Eevee - I have the box, but it will probably increase shipping - $50
Tomy AG Eevee - Loved condition - $30 OBO

2009 DX Pikachu Pokedoll - $20

NIP Chinese Tomy figures - $5 each

BK toys - $1 each

Jakks Porygon 2 - $5, Snivy bottle cap figure $1 or free with purchase (I can try and glue it back onto its base) James Tomy - $5, has a brown mark on him, appears to be an issue with the plastic

Ho-Oh pre order figure (with box, can be flattened for less shipping) - $5, Leafeon attack kid and Glaceon kid, $4 each or trade for Flareon kids

Fennekin promo figure $2, Lugia McDonalds figure $1

Electronic Hasbro Meowth - great condition, but not tested. He probably needs new batteries - $2

NIB Electronic Hasbro Togepi (I don't know if it works, since I haven't taken it out of the box) $5

Preorder Ho-Oh figure box

Applause plush with keychain Pokeballs Meowth $4 Dratini $8

Preorder Rumble figure pins $5

Giant (about 2 feet tall) Pikachu Plush. Filled with foam, so it's not exactly very cuddly. I got it at Cedar Point (so it's a carnival/theme park styled plush). $20, I think I've seen these going for $80 - $100 on eBay

2009 Gizamimi / Notched Eared / Spiky Eared Pichu Plush $15

Jakks Plush:
Zorua x 2: $4 each
Snivy MWT $3
Jakks Leafeon plush - $18
Jakks Celebi - $8
Jakks Minccino - $3

Pachirisu (Slightly loved, tail has been "freed", still works) $5
Talking Buneary (still works) $8

Sandile Jakks - $1
Ledyba Tomy - $1
Nidoking pencil topper Tomy - $1
Growlithe Tomy - $1
Blastoise pencil topper Tomy (bootleg?) - $2
Glaceon Kid Figure - $4 or trade for Flareon Kid figure
Dewott McDonalds - $1
Groudon McDonalds - $1
Froakie Tomy with "Water Type Attack" card - $2
Thinkchip Wartortle - $10 (I really don't know how much it's worth, ones NIB on eBay are going for $40... let me know what you guys think)
Zorua McDonalds - $1

GREAT BIG HUGE Play By Play squirtle carnival(?) plush. Filled with styrofoam. $30
Pillow Plush Squirtle $40 (I checked eBay, he was going for $60. I don't really know the value.) SOLD!

That's all I have for now. Thanks for looking!

Permanent Wants Post~

Here's a permanent wants post for any time I decide I want to link this for anybody to see.

~Pikachu and Raichu~

Pikachu Pokedoll Screen Cleaner Charm
Pikachu Pokedoll Manaphy Movie Lanyard
Pikachu Pokedoll 2007 Promo Lanyard
DX Pokedoll Charms
Mew and Pikachu Pokedoll Charms              
DX Terrycloth Pokedoll (2003)**
Black and White Tour Pokedoll
Mini Moving Commemoration Pikachu
Mini Pikachu Pokedoll Plushplush Keychan** GRAIL
2013 Mini Dollhouse Pikachu Pokedoll, Mystery Pikachu Pokedoll, Mini Keychain Pikachu Pokedoll (2005)
Pikachu and Raichu Pokedolls (2013)
Pikachu PlushPlush** GRAIL                                  
10th Anniversary Pikachu Pokedoll
Amigurumi Pikachu Pokedoll**
DX Shimmery Pikachu Pokedoll** Coming in the mail
DX Christmas Santa Pikachu Pokedoll (2006)
DX Pikachu Pokedoll (All versions please) (Have 2008 Velboa, 2009 Japan Minky coming in the mail)
Osaka Move Pikachu Pokedoll**
Flat Pikachu Pokedoll Cushion
European Pikachu Pokedoll**
Mini Pikachu Pokedoll
Pikachu Canvas Plush (2006)
Mini Pikachu Pokedoll
Fat 1:1 Pikachu Plush
New Year's Mini Pikachu Pokedoll
2006 US Pikachu Pokedoll      
2012 JP Pikachu Pokedoll        
2008 DX Pikachu Pokedoll
2008 10th Anniversary Pikachu Plush with Mini Pokedoll
2010 Pikachu Canvas Plush        
2006 TOMY Pikachu Plush      
Peace Sign Pikachu
Pikachu Bellplush                
Bandai Pikachu Plush
Large TOMY Pikachu Plush
Banpresto Christmas Pikachu Plush
Pikachu UFO Plush    
Large TOMY Pikachu Plush
Christmas Pikachu Plush          
TOMY Christmas Pikachu Plush
Yawarakai Pikachu Plush          
Large Size Pikachu Plush
Raichu Friends Plush
Big Tomy Raichu Plush
Tafetta Raichu Plushies
Raichu Canvas Plush
Pokemon Center Raichu Plush
2003 Pikachu Pokedoll Figure
2006 Fuwa Fuwa Pokemon Center Pikachu Plush
2003 Pikachu Pokedoll Tin
2003 DX Pikachu Pokedoll** GOT IT
2004 DX Pikachu Pokedoll
Pikachu Pokken Tournament Figure
Sleeping Pikachu Plush
Meiji Prize Reversible Pikachu Plush



KFC Vulpix Beanie Plush            
Banpresto Towel Material Vulpix Plush    
Banpresto Vulpix Plush                  
Large Laying TOMY Vulpix Warmer Plush** GRAIL
Vulpix Bell Plush                    
Vulpix Egg Plush                                              
Vulpix Pokemon Center Plush        
ALL Vulpix Kids
Vulpix TOMY Vinyl Figure                          
Hasbro Talking Vulpix Figure                    
Tomy Ketchain                                      
Vulpix Tomys
Vulpix Pokemon Center Keychain**            
In case figure                                            
Rubber Stampers                                    
151 Stamper
Stadium Fugure/Mini Figure                      
Fuzzy Mini Figure**                                      
Full Color Stadium Figure                      
UK Candy Figure
Playset Figure                                          
Playset Figure                                          
Soft Keychain                                            
Coin Bank



Eevee Banpresto UFO
1998 eevee Banpresto
Big Play By Play Eevee
Giant Play by Play Eevee
Kawaii Eevee
Grabby Eevee
Spring UFO Evee
Eevee KutaKuta**
1998 Eevee Friends Plush
Eevee PlushPlush** GRAIL
Laying Eevee Plush
Christmas eevee Plush
Eevee Canvas Plush (2010 and 2006)
Mini Eevee Pokedoll
I Love Eevee Eevee Pillow Plush


Flareon Pokedolls (All versions)
Flareon Bell Plush
Flareon Canvas Plush
Flareon Clip Plush
Mirage Flareon Plush
Pokemon Center Flareon Plush
DX I love Eevee, 6 inch, and Keychain Flareon Plush
Trick Pose Flareon Plush
Takara Tomy Flareon Plush
Taiwan Mirage Flareon Plush



Amigurumi Mew Plush
Yawarakai Mew Plush*
Mew Pokedoll (All Versions)
Laying Mew Plush*
Yawarakai Mew Plush
Towel Material Mew Plush
1:1 Talking Mew Plush**
Tafetta Mew Plush
1997 Mew Friends Plush
Tomy Mew
Electronic talking mew
Hasbro Mew Beanie
Banpresto UFO Mew
Burger King Mew
Banpresto DX Mew
Top Insight Mew
Christmas Banpresto Mew
2004 Mew Friends Plush
2000 Mew Friends Plush
Special Collection White Mew UFO Plush**
Bendy Tomy Mew
Big Tomy Mew
Laying Tomy Mew
Mew Bell Plush
Mew Bath Buddy
1998 White Mew Banpresto**
Big Play By Play Mew
Mew Mascot
DX Mew Pokedoll** GRAIL
Small Pokemon Center Mew**
KutaKuta Mew Plush
Top Insight Mew
Big Pokemon Center Mew**
Taiwan Mirage Mew Plush


Well, that's all for now. There are tons of little figures of each of these Pokemon I want, except it would take too long to list every single one.

New Intro

Hey all! I deleted all of my old embarrassing entries from when I was younger, so if anyone happens to stumble across my page they can see this fresh, clean new Journal that describes a little bit about me, and about what's going on right now.

First of all, my name is Rebekah (as suggested by my username), but you can call me Becky. I have dark brown hair, about shoulder length, and green eyes. I'm 16 years old and I'm passionate about Pokemon, My Little Pony, Video Games, and Animation. I'm very fond of drawing and I do it very often. I would share my deviantART page, but unfortunately it is not the best, as it contains a lot of old embarrassing and terrible artworks. I am planning on creating a new one exclusively for my Pokemon and Video Game artwork.

I own several video game systems, many of which are limited edition Pokemon versions. Systems I own include:
Pikachu Gameboy Advance SP, Pokemon Gameboy Color, Pikachu N64, Nintendo Gamecube, PS2, XBOX 360, Black 3DS (bad condition, haha,), and a Limited Edition NES Styled 3DS XL from Gamestop.

I collect Pokemon merchandise (I'm more focused on my four favourite Pokemon now, though, which are (in Pokedex nuber order) Pikachu, Vulpix, Eevee, and Mew) and I have collected very much over the years. I have probably over 100 cards and tons of figures and plushies.

Alongside my Pokemon collection, I also collect My Little Ponies, but only Gens 1 and 4. I have tons of Generation 1 Ponies which I have been collecting since about 2009, and lots of Gen 4 Ponies and merch which I started collecting in probably about 2010.

As I said before, I'm passionate about drawing, and my dream is to open up my own studio and bring back traditional, on paper, hand drawn animation, like classic Disney and Don Bluth Films. My favourite Disney Movie is The Lion King, which I also have a small collection of.

Some of my favourite movies are Back to the Future and The Breakfast Club. My favourite actors are Michael J. Fox and Molly Ringwald. I love the 80s, and I would love to change my wardrobe so that it is full of 80s Clothing.

My dream home would be a Californian Bungalow, and the car that I most want right now is the Pink Volkswaggen Karmann Ghia.

I guess that's pretty much it about me, so, I guess that's it.